Celebrate in The Villa Jumpsuit

The Villa Jumpsuit has been a customer favorite since it debuted earlier this year. It makes me unbelievable happy and grateful to have another design so well received. I've since added more choices to the color palette and now it's available in 8 flattering colors.

While being separated from friends and family this past year, I longed for the day when I could see them again and celebrate all of life's different milestones together. When that time comes, what would I want to wear? Something that has some flair to fit the festive, happy mood - but it has to be comfortable, a non-negotiable must-have after the trying year we've all had, but mainly because I always design for comfort, and effortless beauty. With Mien, I hope you feel like you can have it all with styles you can depend on for those special moments in life.


The Villa Jumpsuit was a design created for the brighter days I hoped were ahead. Now that we are inching closer to having a semblance of our old lives back, the Villa Jumpsuit is here just in time to celebrate with us. 

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