Meet Lisa

Hello, I'm Lisa Hsieh, designer and founder of Mien.
I started this brand in 2015 when I was pregnant with my son. As a first time mom-to-be, I was frustrated by the lack of good clothing on the market that can be worn through pregnancy and beyond. I didn't like maternity wear on the market, with its unflattering styles, limited wearable time frame, and cheaply made quality. With over a decade of experience as an apparel designer and knowing something had to change, I created my first collection with just four versatile styles. They were designed to fit bodies from pre-pregnancy to postpartum and nursing; but not just for mothers and pregnant folks, the line was designed for all busy people seeking a more sustainable, comfortable, low maintenance, and flattering wardrobe for our ever-changing bodies. Working with the best local fabric mills, sewing houses, and dye houses in L.A., Mien's collection took off and grew from there. 

This brand is made for all of us, as we are.
I designed every piece to make us look good and feel good, so we're ready to take on each busy day.