Chasing after a dream isn’t easy. Doing what we love requires sacrifice and hard work. But, having my own business to design and produce clothing in a way that I’ve always envisioned is a wonderful thing - the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you’re not only allowed, but feel encouraged to let your creativity flow, that freedom is priceless. Starting Mien Studios was the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life, I did it while pregnant with my first child. Being a mother can be challenging at times, but being a female entrepreneur growing a sustainable and ethical clothing brand that is locally made is even more of an uphill battle. But I’m proud for Mien to be a small business and we are surrounded by friends and customers who have the same belief that together we can make a difference. The change starts with shopping small with local makers like myself. Shopping small and more importantly, shopping consciously, means you care about more than most - that you and I care about our planet, our local community, and our local economy which in turn supports us all.