A Day Filled With Love

Today is Valentine's Day and we've been throwing heart eyes around all day! We paired together the Kindred Wrap Dress in Rust Red with its matching counterpart, the Kinship Jumper in Rust Red, as a cute way to celebrate this day of love. 
This charming duo is perfect for a family date out with your little one. The Kindred Wrap Dress is also on sale for 50 percent off its original price - a steal! For chillier weather, we put together the comfy Haven Dolman Sleeve Jacket in Rust Red with its matching mini Haven Jacket in Rust Red and suggest layering these over the Kindred Wrap Dress in Stone Grey and the Kinship Jumper in Stone Grey. 
Though traditionally celebrated between loving couples, we here at Mien believe that Valentine's Day should be a day shared with all loved ones in our lives. It allows us to appreciate all of those special to us just a little bit extra today.

My father was my very first Valentine. I remember waking up to small packages of chocolates and either a CD, a kitschy mug, or a stuffed animal throughout elementary school to high school, and I was thoroughly confused. I thought this day was supposed to be celebrated between him and my mother, not me and my sisters included! It wasn't until much later that I realized he had so much love to give and wanted to make sure my sisters and I felt it too. So from us to you, we hope your day is filled with so much love and joy. 

Sincerely, Rachel