Ceramicist Alyson Iwamoto's Little Aiko in Mien

Alyson Iwamoto, mother of adorable 18-month Aiko and clay artist, is the owner and creator of the beautiful Alyson Iwamoto Ceramics. Influenced by her Japanese heritage as well as items such as fresh produce from the Farmer’s Market, her love of origami, and the beauty of nature, Iwamoto translates her passion through her captivating jewelry and clay figures. She was also involved with Inner-City Arts located on Skid Row, teaching young children how to channel their self-expression and creativity through art. She shares:

"I taught over 8,000 children in Skid Row over the course of 8 years.  I learned the intense beauty and heart break that is life through those children.  They taught me love and compassion is the answer.  Often in life the answers lie within and there are infinite ways to live and find happiness. I want her to know how seriously I take being her parent.  In teaching that amount of kids I know the power of parenthood. "

See Alyson's work at www.alysoniwamotoceramics.com
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Photo Credits: Talented artist and maker, Cindy Zell of WKND.LA