For You Only

Dear Friends, 

We're letting you in on an opportunity first as our loyal followers. At Mien, we invest in the people, materials, and the process in how we make your clothes. An example of this is the beloved Lakeside Jumpsuit, which is custom knit with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton here in L.A. then cut, sewn, and dyed by workers here who are paid fair wages. For three years, we've resisted raising the price on this popular style even as year by year the cost to create it steadily increased. But now, with another increase in labor, material, and transit costs, we will have to finally adjust the price of the Lakeside so we can meet these changes to support our factory partners and sustain our company.

The price of the Lakeside will be $128 starting on November 1st. At this price point, we are still very price competitive as a sustainable brand while bringing you an exceptional value in what you receive in return. For a limited time, you can purchase Lakeside at its current price of $98, including pre-orders for soon to restock colorways, until Oct. 31st. On Nov. 1st, the Lakeside price will be permanently adjusted to $128.
Thank you for making this Jumpsuit the style that built this brand. We are grateful for you, whether you are new to us or have been with us since the beginning. We'll continue to work hard to present beautiful, versatile styles to the collection.

Team Mien