Mama Life Hacks You'll Love

Most of us can use time-saving shortcuts when it comes to mom life. Here are some easy to implement and clever life hacks from fellow mamas friends, with a few tips of my own added in.


Tyler Lee, soon to be a mama-of-two

"Get yourself ready and dressed before your kid because it's very possible your toddler will undress themselves while they're waiting for you to get ready. It's double the work."


Rebekkah Cefai, mama to a 3-year-old

"Instead of having to bring a cooler with ice packs to keep bottles of milk cold while I'm out, I fill a double-insulated thermos with ice and milk. It keeps drinks cold for up to 8 hours and I can just toss it in a bag.

Always keep a full change of clothes in the car for the little one, and yourself.

Bring a portable white noise machine for naps on the go. 

Create subscriptions for diapers, wipes, granola bars, apple sauce, etc. They show up at the door every couple of months automatically."


Chloe Fung, mama to a 5-year-old

"Make a bunch of 1-time diaper kits and stuff a few of these in every car and purse/bag. 1 diaper + snack-sized ziploc with 5 sheets of baby wipes + a pair of disposable gloves + antibacterial wipe packets + 1/2 of a disposable diaper mat + all in a quart size ziploc (or dog bags, it's cheaper.)

Thread the easel paper so that you can save the whole roll. Date it when you start the roll and date it at the end of the roll. Instant art portfolio!

Attach a large magnetic sheet dry erase board (landscape) of the easel for learning and create your own magnets by cutting out adhesive magnetic sheets.

Buy a dozen jumbo sized (20 gallons) ziploc bags and use each bag for each year of school work. Artworks big and small can be archived."


Rachel Keal, mama to a newborn

"Working moms - pick out outfits for the week on the weekend so you don't have to spend time on it every weekday morning."


Lisa Hsieh, mama to a 3-year-old

"Buy most clothes for the little ones in solids instead of graphic prints. Solid colors go with most everything else in the kid's closet and are easy to mix and match.

Baskets and drawstring cotton bags are great for organizing toys - kitchen/food toys in one basket, toy cars and trucks in another, crayons in a drawstring bag, etc. Once the little ones outgrow their toys, you can still use the baskets around the home for storage."