Bryr Clogs Studio Visit | San Francisco, CA

Back in March of this year, we had our Spring/Summer 2018 photoshoot to introduce our latest collection for the season. We styled each outfit to not only highlight our designs, but to also showcase the work of some of our favorite fellow makers. The lovely complement to our effortless and elegant Jumpsuits and Wrap Dresses, are beautiful handmade clogs by our friends at Bryr, who graciously provided them for our photoshoot.

Whilst in San Francisco for Renegade Craft Fair just two weeks ago, we were invited to visit their Studio in the Dogpatch district before heading back home to L.A. Upon entering their charming studio shop, we immediately received welcoming hugs from the lovely Jenny Houser and designer/owner of Bryr, Isobel Schofield. 

Isobel’s Bryr Clogs started out as a one woman show, making clogs herself in her apartment. When more and more orders started coming in, Isobel realized she needed to expand her workspace and moved her business to the artsy Dogpatch district of San Francisco where Bryr has been for three years now. Isobel single-handedly grew her brand to amass a loyal, large following, enamored by her beautiful, handmade clogs offered in an array of swoon-worthy colors. We can personally attest to how incredibly comfortable and well-made they are. It's endless compliments when we wear them at our popups paired with Mien's clothing pieces. 

The Bryr Clog Studio in San Francisco is part retail store and part workshop. When you first walk in, you are greeted by the bright and cheerful retail portion of the studio. Scrumptious leather swatches sit next to the door with styles of the Bryr clogs neatly lined up under the large store windows. Floor-to-ceiling shelves adorn the side wall of the studio and houses the glorious display of wooden clog bases. 

Allowing visitors to see their production space while shopping has become a major part of the brand’s identity and a perk for their shoppers. We felt a sense inclusivity which definitely translates to pride of ownership after seeing the skilled craftswomen of Bryr patiently constructing each and every clog to order. The studio has only six team members and every pair of clogs is touched by all of the Bryr artisans before they ship. The craftsmanship of each clog is evident, from the beautifully stitched seams in the leather to the expertly sculpted wooden base. The end products fit like a glove and are a dream to walk in.

Thank you Bryr for allowing us to visit your gorgeous space. Learning and sharing other fellow maker's journey is a part of Mien's own small indie business experience that we love.


Find Bryr Clogs at
IG: BryrClogs


Mien's designer Lisa with Isobel, designer of Bryr Clogs on right, and Jenny of Bryr on left.




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Mien Lookbook Photos by Rebekkah Cefai @all_our_wonder