Matching Mommy and Me Sets


 Photography: Justin Cefai, edited by Rebekkah Cefai

Lakeside Jumpsuit in Terracotta | mini Field Trip Jumper in Terracotta

Mien celebrates the bond between a mother and child. Here are some of our signature Mother & Child looks from our collection.

Our best-selling Lakeside Wide Leg Jumpsuit is paired with the mini Field Trip Jumper, both made of our 100% organic cotton with stretch in simple, flattering, and easy to wear designs.


The Haven Dolman Sleeve Jacket and Fine Day Pinafore Dress with their matching mini Haven and mini Fine Day Pinafore for children, are customer favorites for family photoshoots.

Haven Dolman Sleeve Jacket in Stone Grey | mini Haven Dolman Jacket in Stone Grey

Fine Day Pinafore Dress in Zinc Grey | mini Fine Day Pinafore in Zinc Grey

Our more structured Kinship Jumpers can be paired with either the women's Kindred Wrap Dress or the Kindness Jumpsuit. The Kindness Jumpsuit was designed after many requests for an adult version of our kid's Kinship Jumper. The Kindness has two wooden buttons on the side to accentuate your waist, with sleek straight pant legs, and an elasticized waistband on the back for a flattering, put-together look.


Kindness Jumpsuit in Stone Grey | Kinship Jumper in Stone Grey | Kindred Wrap Dress in Stone Grey

Kindness Jumpsuit in Vintage Mustard | Kinship Jumper in Vintage Mustard | Kindred Wrap Dress in Vintage Mustard

Kindred Wrap Dress in Dusty Rose | Kinship Jumper in Dusty Rose | Kindness Jumpsuit in Dusty Rose 

Kindness Jumpsuit in Black Forest | Kinship Jumper in Black Forest | Kindred Wrap Dress in Black Forest


Both Mama and Child pieces are offered in the same colors, so the matching possibilities with your little ones are endless!

Do you have a photo of you and your little one in Mien? We'd love to see and share it. Email us at