A Valentine's Color Story

Valentine's Day is near and this is when I full-heartedly embrace and celebrate the color family of pinks and reds, in addition to shamelessly overusing various heart emojis in every casual conversations - okay, I do that pretty much everyday. But I love pink, it has always been one of my favorite colors - add a touch more brown, and it becomes a muted, moody hue that quietly screams sophistication; mix in some yellow, and the girlish pink becomes a soft and fleshy peach tone that complements so many skin tones.

Blush pink, dusty rose, rust red, red clay - these signify life-giving, nurturing colors to me - full of love. So for this Valentine's Day, I am featuring some of these lovely hues that I have in Mien's collection.
Happy Love Day, mamas. You're also my Valentine.



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