Family Friendly Valentine's Day

What do you have planned for Valentine's? It's a holiday that seems to be created for the grownups, but as parents, it's become a sweet holiday for families to celebrate together, too. How about an easy craft session with the little ones and create a cute momento you can look back on later on? Of course, a side of sugar cookies would be a welcomed treat after an afternoon of creativity, especially when everyone can also get in on the cookie decorating fun.

Sweets for My Sweet

There's something about the smell of fresh-baked cookies at home, it makes any holiday extra special. A sugar cookie recipe I like is this one, but of course, a store-bought, ready to use sugar cookie dough is always delicious, too, and super easy. The cookies always come out perfect and it's just as much fun for everyone to decorate and eat.

Clay Hearts Wall Hanging

Just like putting up the kids' finished paintings on the fridge, little ones love seeing their works of art proudly displayed and this fun to make wall hanging is perfect for that. Using natural air-dry clay, which doesn't require an oven to cure, you can simply use the same heart-shaped cookie cutters and rolling pin you used for the sugar cookies to create this project while the cookies are baking in the oven.


  • Crayola Air Dry Clay
  • Rolling Pin
  • Heart-shaped Cookie Cutters
  • Cotton Twine (Red and white ones are festive)
  • Chopstick or thick skewer to poke holes
  • Kid-friendly paint in reds, pinks, and white


  1. Roll out clay to about a 3/8" thickness
  2. Press and cut out 3 hearts
  3. Poke a hole on top and bottom of 2 hearts and just a hole on top of 1 heart
  4. Make sure the hearts lay flat and leave them out to dry
  5. When the hearts are dry, paint them, let paint dry and string them together to finish the wall hanging
Happy Valentine's Day!