Mien Muse | Katt Moi of @ourlittlemoi

Mien Muse | Katt Moi of @ourlittlemoi

Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi! My name is Katt. I was born and raised in Bangkok. Never have I ever imagined my life here in the States! Now our family is based in the PNWonderland, raising our 2 littles. I was a Brand and Digital Marketing Manager in the FMCG business before I turned into a full-time mom and a part-time content creator.

Describe a typical day in your life.

My husband works from home. His company is in the EST time zone. So the first half of the day is all on me. “MOMMY!” is all I hear every 10 minutes. After the kids are fed, I try to fill our AM with lots of activities. From story time at the library to grocery run to picnic lunch at the park. I’ll drop my first at school for his PreK PM class. We head home by the time our littlest falls asleep. Then after 3 PM my hub will be free from work and take turns! I’ll prep and cook when he helps take care of the kids. We dine together before we go out for an evening walk :)

Katt wears the Revel Dress & the Painters Jacket in Black Forest

Are you a morning person or an evening person and why?

I’m telling everyone I’m forever a night owl. My body, my brain, and my mood seem to function a hundred times better in the dark. But who knows, I might become a morning person once my boy starts kindergarten! 

What are some of the things you do to help balance parenthood, work, self-care, and life?

When anxiety says hello, I love to find new things to learn & challenge myself. Finding small accomplishments every day is key. Finished big piles of laundry also count! The latest skill I obtained is knitting. It’s been a good therapeutic activity with a rewarding outcome. I started from the bonnet last Winter, now I’ve just finished my first dress just in time for layering season. The feeling of making your own clothes is so fulfilling.

How did you get your start as a content creator and what is the best part about being a creative?

It happened naturally, to be honest. We created this space back when we were dating. It was a foodie account! Literally, we dump all the food pics we took from our travels on Instagram. We slowly transitioned into a lifestyle account when I became a mom. 

This space doubles as a creative outlet for my soul. I used to work 9-5. Honestly, I really enjoyed that hectic life. Being a stay-at-home mom took away that part of me. So to keep my soul alive I need something to keep me busy. I started by writing emails to the brands I know I can help them grow. Later on, I’m the one who gets emails from brands. I’m so grateful for my Insta fam!

The best part is how I get to connect to some of the coolest people our paths wouldn’t have crossed in real life! The bonus is how I got to document life through pictures and videos.

What do you look for when partnering with a brand?

Ideally, I try to stick to my tried and true brands. For the new-to-me brands, I’m looking for brand values. Do we share the same values and goals? Do they care about Mother Earth? What can I do to support the brand? Am I a good fit? — For Mien, I remember I heard about them via Caroline of @shopmercimilo during the AAPI Heritage Month. When Mien contacted me for a collaboration, it was immediately a YES! After I read through the brand story & mission. I knew I made the right decision being part of the Mien family. Thank you & shout out to Caroline!

What do you enjoy most about your Mien clothing pieces?

I love how Mien pieces are so easy to wear and care about. Guess where my Painter Jacket lives? At the front door! It goes with nearly everything, such a staple. My husband wears it as well. Knowing they’re sustainably made in small batches is also a pleasure to wear them.

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